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iOS 15; Reviews and Updates

iOS 15 Apple inc. has loaded the iOS 15 with amazing and awesome features. These amazing features help you to be more present, connect with others, explore the world and use powerful intelligence on your iPhone better than before. The official date is yet-to-be known but, its assured that the update will be released this fall. Apple has selected their following...

Top 10 phones; the year 2020

The year 2020 has been blissful in the technology field, despite the chaos the whole world faced. Precisely speaking, the mobile phones industry came out bigger and stronger. Different companies worldwide have shown their capabilities in phone production and some successfully emerged producing the best mobile phones this year. Below, we'll be discussing the specs and prices of the top...

Android 11 vs IOS 14; What to Expect

 1,199 total views,  2 views todayHello once again! Hope you've been enjoying your stay at Maax's? I guess so, if not, kindly leave a feedback message in the contact form for me, thanks. We're going to be discussing the latest releases from Android and IOS operating systems. People have, no doubt, tried comparing the two operating systems based on their features...

The Launch

 754 total views,  2 views today Want a Launch Story? Basically, I really didn't know what to do at Maax or even know how to tell people what Maax's Conglomerate stands for, lol. Should I say i was confused? or i hadn't set a priority?, well that changed. This 2020 lock-down started roughly. Different mindsets on how to make money coming from...


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