Criteria to consider when choosing a digital skill

Criteria to consider when choosing a digital skill


It’s already known that in this 21st Century, digital skills are necessities for determining one’s career path. UNESCO defined digital skills as those needed to “use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information”. This covers a huge range of skills, of course. There are different tiers of digital skills; Basic Digital Skills and Advanced Digital Skills, but we won’t go deep into them.

The importance of digital skills is not neglected because they underpin so much of how modern work is conducted. For many modern professions, digital skills are simply essential skills. The requirement for digital skills is higher in professional careers. 90% of professionals are required to possess at least basic digital skills, increasing to 98% of managers.

I’ve highlighted a few digital skills you might want to venture into;

  • UI/UX Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Website Development/Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Software Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Android Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Blockchain Development
  • Game Development
  • Music Production
  • Cybersecurity

These top picks are currently what moves the technology industry. I’ll do the honors of digging deep into each and every one of them for you.

  1. Website Development/Design: – We’ve all seen different businesses online that work with websites. Having a website gives any business in the industry a step ahead of others.

It just categorizes, in general, everything a person/business does. Now learning website development, you should consider the following;

  • Basic Programming knowledge in HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/SQL, etc
  • Know how the internet works
  • Be familiar with quality resources such as Git and GitHub
  • Knowledgeable in problem searching and solving
  • Be ready to learn new things
  • Be versatile with getting researches
  • Improve your design skills
  • Always Keep learning

2. Copywriting: – This is the activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material.

To become a Copywriter, the following criteria has to be in place at all time;

  • Be familiar with the native language you want to write in
  • Learn the basics of persuasive writing
  • Develop and refine your freelancing process
  • Build a stream of recurring leads
  • Communication Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Inter-personal skills
  • Creative Thinking

3. Affiliate Marketing: – According to Wikipedia, Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. In other words, Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services.

The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company. Indulging in this skill, on must apply technological knowledge as well as the following;

  • Social Influence
  • Have a very influential niche
  • Evaluate market demand
  • Know your competition
  • Be a good content publisher
  • Have adequate capital to start up

4. Mobile Development: – Mobile app development is the act or process by which a mobile application is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. The user is often the focus of interaction with their device, and the interface entails components of both hardware and software. 

Application software developers also must consider a long array of screen sizes, hardware specifications, and configurations because of intense competition in mobile software and changes within each of the platforms. Mobile app development has been steadily growing, in revenues and jobs created. A 2013 analyst report estimates there are 529,000 direct app economyjobs within the EU than 28 members (including the UK), 60 percent of which are mobile app developers. Before you indulge in this field, ensure you’re capable of the following;

  • Ensure you’re familiar with the programming languages required in this field
  • Be familiar with applications’ methodology
  • Be exquisite in writing codes
  • Move with the technological trend

5. Blockchain Development: – As we all know; cryptocurrency has now become a major-leading means of wealth and income throughout the world. Hence, Blockchain. A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that saves transactions on thousands of computers around the globe. These are registered in a way that inhibits their subsequent modification. Blockchain technology increases the security and speeds up the exchange of information in a way that is cost-effective and more transparent. It also dispenses with third parties whose main role was to provide a trust and certification element in transactions (such as notaries and banks). To fill in to this filed, ensure the following are put in place;

  • Fundamental skill and Knowledge in Technical Field
  • Smart Contracts
  • Decentralized Applications
  • Learn to Simplify
  • Understand Blockchain Security
  • Know the Platforms
  • Distributed ledger expertise
  • Master of Interoperability

6. Music Production: – Music production is the process by which a record producer or music producer oversees the recording and production of a track, single, or record. In some cases, music producers write material. In others, they simply oversee its production and organize the process into a cohesive and productive effort. Music production is the process of developing, creating and refining recorded music for public presentation.

Music production can refer to the entire lifecycle of a piece of music—from songwriting and composition to recording and sound design to mixing and mastering. Before venturing into this field, ensure that;

  • You have flair for different sounds
  • You can play musical instruments
  • You can digitize sales and generate income in what you do
  • You watch a lot of tutorials from experience people
  • You’ll be willing to work with a lot of people

These out listed skills are technically the top of the industry. Meanwhile, other skills should not be ignored as they play major roles in the tech industry too. A little bragging, rumors have It that the Technology guys and girls are a spec, lol. When there’s a lot of money involved, what do you expect?



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