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Skylarmetrics is one of our works so far. With our client’s name knowns as “Skylar”, our nomenclature skill came up with the word “Metrics”. As it is spelt out, metrics simply means “keeping numbers”. The founder of this organization foresaw the need of the growth of entertainment. He also added that keeping records of this growth was also an essential feature to attaining success in entertainment. Skylarmetrics is an organization that is cut-out to promote entertainment as a whole. Ranging from music to blog press, newspaper publication, event publicity/hypes, billboard adverts, social media accounts growth, digital store distribution, public profile verification, banner setup, push notification and any other job related to plugging. This business was founded by Ajiero Clinton. Working with Skylar, we assure you a 100% work rate and efficiency from them.

Project Details

Social media promotions and Advertising agency

Ejiro ClintonCEO & Founder - Ejiro Clinton


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